Healthy Nutrition Options

Meal Prep For You Premium Nutrition

Meal Prep For You Premium Nutrition

Meal Prep For You creates freshly made properly balanced meals designed to fuel the body and satisfy your appetite. We offer healthy on the go meals taking the guess work out of your nutrition, in addition MP4U has an exciting line of gluten-free macro friendly protein treats. Remember you don’t grow in the gym you just create the demand, the supply comes from rest and nutrition.

How to get started on Meal Prep For You Premium Nutrition

Visit and fill out a short questionaire on the contact page. Someone will get back to you within 48 hours to discuss your goals and options to best suit your needs. Meal prep days are Sunday and Wednesday to ensure freshness and variety. Your fresh, never frozen, meals will be dropped off at CrossFit Vernon Sunday (ready for pickup Monday) or Wednesday evening.

  • Custom meal prep
  • Fresh and healthy
  • Organic whole foods
  • Gluten-free
  • Delivered

Custom Blended Supplements

The supplements we carry at CrossFit Vernon were created with and for athletes competing in CrossFit. Talk to us about and purchase Infinite Custom-Blended Nutrition Solutions at CrossFit Vernon.

Vegetable Box Program

Farm Bound partners with local farms and businesses that use sustainable practices to connect people with organic, local food. CrossFit Vernon is a designated drop off location for Farmbound’s service. Go to to learn more and sign up for their program.