CrossFit WODs


4 sets: AMRAP-1 Strict HSPU into AMRAP-1 Kipping HSPU, Rest as needed between

AMRAP in 20 min:
10/arm KB Snatch,
10 SD Box jumps,
10 Pull-ups,
250m run


A. Front squat @22X1 Work to a heavy set of 5 for the day

B1. Barbell RDL 3×8 @40X1, No rest
B2. Mini-band(Knees and wrists) lateral bear crawl x10 each direction

C. 10 min:
100′ Heavy object carry (Stone, Dball, Sandbag),
10 Squats with heavy object,
100′ Carry,
10 Ground to shoulder with object,
100′ Carry