Tavia Pol
Tavia Pol

I may not the fastest, strongest or most skilled gymnast, but I keep my toes pointed, hit all the points of performance and have 10 years of WOD pacing/strategy to keep me a top contender in almost any workout!  My "Tavia" workout would be HSPU, toes to bar and running....lots of rounds. The longer the better.


Certified CrossFit Instructor (CF Level III), Degree in Human Kinetics with a focus on metabolism and physiology! Certified Youth Strength and Conditioning Coach. Precision Nutrition Level 1. First Aid and CPR.


Tavia Pol

I found CrossFit when I was 19. At the time an avid long-distance runner and gym goer...little did I know my workouts were rather ineffective at become a better athlete! I was a very competitive high school athlete in various sports and was missing my drive to practice skills and perform. CrossFit gave me something to work towards skill-wise, meet a like-minded friend circle, and turn my passion for health and wellness into a career.

Today I use my fitness-built in the gym to play volleyball, mountain bike, run, snowboard, skate ski, and other hobbies you can do in the Okanagan!

I don't find myself competing often in the sport of CrossFit, but I am always open to hop on a team and bring out my inner competitor. I like to see how far I can push my physical limits!

I love coaching to watch the ah-ha moments doing gymnastics, loud celebrations for new lift PR's and the community that comes together at events and every class. My favourite is seeing females any age lift...women are powerhouses and I love empowering it!